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Our people are the face of our business. They’re also the people front of house or behind the scenes who make our clients’ workplaces fantastic spaces to work or visit.
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In your workplace, it is very often the Facilities Management team who create memorable experiences for your customers, employees or visitors. Whether it’s welcoming them at the door, fixing a problem or being on-hand to help, you’ll want a Facilities Management team that leaves people feeling valued and supported.
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Our people are the face of our business. They’re also the people front of house or behind the scenes who make our clients’ workplaces fantastic spaces to work or visit.
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Yasemin Diskaya

Operational Support Manager, Yasemin Diskaya joined Anabas in 2017. Before commencing her career journey in FM, Yasemin worked in a variety of customer facing roles, and her passion for problem solving and working with people has always been a common thread.


In search of a new challenge, Yasemin’s twin recommended she tried her hand at Facilities Management. Yasemin grabbed the opportunity and has never looked back…

Tell us about your journey within the company?


I started my career in facilities as one of Anabas’s Floor Captains in an energetic, 13-floor building. I thrived in the lively environment: varying requests would come through the radio that I’d eagerly tend to, so it wasn’t long before I became well-acquainted with all thing’s facilities related.


After six months, I jumped at the opportunity for growth at a more corporate site. I would alternate between conducting visual maintenance, solving and troubleshooting issues one week, to wearing a suit and representing the company as a concierge the next.


Later, I took my experience into a secondment role as a Facilities Coordinator, which provided me the platform to pitch process amendments that could streamline our duties, giving us more time to interact with our clients. Ten months later I became a Facilities Manager at a hard services-oriented site.


I’ve recently started a new journey as an Operational Support Manager and as always, I’m excited about the next level of learning and development I’ll experience.


What steps has your development taken? How has Anabas supported you in this?


My career at Anabas has developed in a clear pathway from one role to the next, and in each phase, I’ve been able to grow, address my weaknesses, nurture my strengths, and discover what really interests me. At every stage I’ve been supported by a great team, and I’ve always had someone to turn to help.


When I became a Mobile Floor Captain, it was an entirely new role that Anabas was piloting; I considered it a chance to help shape the role for future Floor Captains. I grew in this role for two and a half years through lockdown, navigating how to effectively support employees working both from home and in the office.


As a Mobile Floor Captain, I experienced different management styles and could assist with tasks that were previously outside of my scope, such as auditing Health & Safety documentation and ensuring site compliance. It was a great learning experience for me.


When I became Facilities Manager, I shadowed contractors and asked countless questions. It really helped build my confidence and knowledge, ultimately enabling me to challenge and recommend projects and processes.



What do you love most about working at Anabas?


The best part of working for Anabas is the team, we’re always there for each other. I can contact anyone to ask for advice about a task they have completed, a project they have managed, or a contractor or supplier they’ve used, and I know they’ll be happy to share their experience and wisdom. I have also adopted this sharing and nurturing mentality, and endeavour to share my experience and wisdom with my colleagues. That’s how Anabas works.


How have you grown as a person during your career development? How has this influenced your role?


I’ve not stopped growing and through Anabas I’ve learned important career lessons, such as no two contracts are the same. Clients have different ideas of how they want their buildings to operate and the buildings themselves have their own energy and their own nuances to work around. This has taught me to treat every contract as a unique entity despite any similarities, as well as how to effectively communicate across such a varied network of people daily. It’s also shown me how much I’m capable of!


Can you give us an example of a time where you feel you went above and beyond your role at Anabas?


The key to my quick progression is a combination of laser-focused attention to detail, grassroots experience, and an ability to connect with people. After being part of the team for only a few weeks, we experienced a leak on site which had the potential to cause major damage. I promptly dealt with the leak and adjusted the layout of the leak detection cables to alert us of water ingress sooner in the future. The client was so thrilled with how effectively the situation was handled that they nominated me for an Anabas ‘small decencies’ award which recognises how attention to small details makes all the difference.


What are your aspirations? 


Within Anabas, I want to keep developing and to be an example for others who are on a similar journey. It’s about giving back in some way. My aim is to create new processes and streamline existing ones to fortify consistency across sites, therefore reforming these career journeys with smoother transitions, allowing us all to continue to focus on striving for improvement.


Would you recommend Anabas as an employer to friends/family? And if so, why?


Without a doubt, yes. I’ve experienced first-hand how Anabas supports you to be your best self. Whether you want to stay in your role, move to a different service line or move up, Anabas will take you on that journey and be there to support and guide you every step of the way.

Anabas has supported me throughout my career and given me the opportunities to get to where I am now; my aim is to return the same support that I have been given.

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