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Our people are the face of our business. They’re also the people front of house or behind the scenes who make our clients’ workplaces fantastic spaces to work or visit.
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Our people are the face of our business. They’re also the people front of house or behind the scenes who make our clients’ workplaces fantastic spaces to work or visit.
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The importance of employee wellbeing and health in the workplace

In this blog, Gemma Rigby, our HR director, discusses how a focus on improving employee wellbeing and health at work can contribute to a more engaged and productive workforce, with ideas and examples that can be easily implemented to make a big impact.


A focus on employee mental health and wellbeing


The connection between employee mental health and wellbeing and their engagement and performance in the workplace is clear, with new research suggesting that 39 per cent of facilities managers see mental health as the biggest challenge they face in the industry.

Employees with good mental health have better concentration, problem-solving skills, and decision-making abilities, contributing to increased engagement and productivity in the workplace. Mitigating stress is also crucial, as heightened stress levels can lead to burnout and diminished effectiveness in the workplace.

Our people are our biggest asset, and it’s important to make sure that each team member is cared for, with their wellbeing being a top priority. As a result, we have implemented several wellbeing initiatives in recent years that have been designed to care for their mental and physical health. These include a dedicated mental health first aid team for employee support, access to an employee assistance programme (Health Assured), as well as wellbeing events and activities to engage teams across our client sites.


Rewards and recognition to boost employee wellbeing and engagement


A happy employee is someone whose needs are taken care of. This includes clear expectations, helpful feedback, and recognition for their efforts. When employees know what’s expected of them, they can focus better and be more productive in their roles. Regular feedback and acknowledgement for a ‘job well done’ can boost motivation and productivity.

Our reward and recognition schemes enable us to recognise employees who have gone the extra mile in their roles. Small Decencies awards, Being Brilliant nominations and Star of the Month awards are handed out to those who have gone above and beyond in their roles to help their team and deliver the best possible service to our clients. These rewards are well received and are just some examples of how we personally acknowledge our employees across the business.


The role of communication in supporting employee wellbeing


To ensure that employees make the most of the wellbeing and health initiatives that are available to them, businesses need to communicate this effectively to their teams.

In November 2023, we launched a new intranet platform for our employees. The purpose of the intranet is to share news, updates, and business insights across all our teams throughout the UK. It is also an effective two-way communication channel where employees can receive communications as well as offer their comments for improvements and ideas that can drive positive change throughout the business, which can have a direct impact on their engagement and wellbeing, too.

As well as offering digital platforms to communicate and engage employees, businesses can look to implement specialist roles within the workplace, whose job it is to communicate with teams, cultivate a community and fully engage with employees for and improved workplace experience. Roles such as workplace community managers and employee experience managers, for example, can play a key part in promoting employee wellbeing, health, and engagement in the workplace, by organising social events, signposting support, running wellbeing initiatives and awareness activities while building relationships on the ground. Due to the employee-centric nature of these roles, at Anabas, several of our mental health first aiders work in these positions also, for an added layer of employee health and wellbeing prioritisation.

By demonstrating a genuine commitment to employee wellbeing, businesses can create a positive work environment that fosters motivation, productivity, and a sense of purpose. As the corporate landscape evolves, recognising the relationship between employee health and wellness and organisational success is paramount, and investing in the wellbeing of employees is an evolving strategy for sustained engagement and workplace productivity.

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