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Our people are the face of our business. They’re also the people front of house or behind the scenes who make our clients’ workplaces fantastic spaces to work or visit.
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Our people are the face of our business. They’re also the people front of house or behind the scenes who make our clients’ workplaces fantastic spaces to work or visit.
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Navigating the future of facilities management

Facilities management is undergoing a transformation, driven by new legislative updates, technological advancements, and environmental considerations that are reshaping building management practices.

In this blog, Richard Oldham, QHSE Manager at Anabas, highlights some of the key factors that will influence the future of the FM sector:

Compliance under the spotlight

The regulatory environment is becoming more complex. FM providers are now compelled to adopt a proactive stance to uphold operational standards and ensure compliance, owing to recent changes in regulations like the Fire Safety Act 2021, The Building Safety Act 2022, and the Fire Safety Regulations 2022, among others. Facilities Managers must comply with evolving laws and ensure statutory maintenance is performed meticulously. This involves thorough documentation of all statutory maintenance tasks performed by competent personnel and making sure evidence is provided. A comprehensive digital trail is essential for ensuring compliance and will remain crucial as regulations evolve.

The Impact of AI and IoT on Facilities Management: A Revolution in Building Management

The FM sector is undergoing a significant transformation, largely driven by the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). These advanced technologies are reshaping how buildings are managed, enhancing operational efficiency, and providing new levels of insight into building performance and maintenance needs. As these technologies continue to evolve, facilities managers must embrace them to stay ahead in a competitive landscape. The future of FM is intelligent, connected, and data-driven, promising a new era of innovation and excellence in building management.

Enhanced collaboration

FMs face the ongoing challenge of managing large workforces while ensuring safe and legally compliant maintenance and operations across a building or workplace. Effective and streamlined collaboration is therefore crucial, particularly when dealing with vast teams and the number of stakeholders that are often associated.

A key challenge is ensuring the timely dissemination of essential information to the right individuals. Recent surveys highlight the need for improved FM systems that facilitate efficient and collaborative work. Emerging systems and technology are addressing this need. Tools such as Microsoft Power BI are becoming increasingly popular for FM teams, enabling them to share and analyse data from multiple sources in one central place, for improved collaboration across multiple teams.

Sustainability: a shared responsibility

Sustainability is a top priority for the built environment, and FM. The UK is undergoing a significant shift towards carbon neutrality. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires sustainable maintenance practices for existing buildings and incorporating energy efficiency into the design of new ones.

At Anabas, we strive to align our services with ESG frameworks set by our clients. This includes everything from selecting supply chains to implementing initiatives within the buildings we manage and engaging with employees and guests.

By navigating the changes in legislation, technology and regulations, FMs can ensure their service delivery remains compliant, efficient and sustainable. Investing in solutions that enhance collaboration, leverage AI and technological advancements, and prioritise sustainability will be key to thriving in the evolving FM landscape.


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